Wall Painting

Wall painting services are the main decision with regards to embellishing or redesigning your home or office either for any occasion, or just to give another look. Wall painting gives a fresh out of the plastic new look to your Walls and duplicates your bliss with the wonderful colors on walls. We have a very long time of involvement in giving master Wall painting Services in Dubai. “Painting Services” has broad experience of doing all parts of inner and outside improvement for private and business clients. We offer talented painters that day for little undertakings and can supply an expansive group for difficult tasks any place in Dubai.


Why you need professional painters

Every now and then we get the urge to repaint our living room or bedroom. But doing so on your own will take you lots of time and effort that you could easily spend elsewhere. Instead, let us get on the case and handle everything for you. We will send qualified decorators who will gladly help you rekindle the long faded colours of your home or office walls with bold new hues.


We offer more than just Painting

Besides painting walls, the diligent team can also update the look of doors, windows, door frames, skirting boards, and that of many other wooden elements. Before applying the coat of paint, the pros will also take their time to carefully inspect each surface for imperfections and present an elegant solution. And after each home interior painting session, the experts will always leave your room just as tidy as they found it.


We can do it

In addition to the industrial coatings and added equipment, the work environment is demanding and requires working around and coordinating with other contractors. We have the staff and the scheduling capabilities to complete large jobs on a tight schedule. We are also current on our safety standards and certifications as well as properly licensed, bonded, and insured.



When a commercial facility needs to be painted, it’s typically on a larger scale. Wall and Floor Painting is familiar with industrial products and the equipment needed to complete a project of this size.

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